BBW plaza is an another website for BBW and their admirers. As we took a closer look inside this web it seems like it’s not that well made and it has some grammar error on the main page! However, we decided to give it a try, register and test things out. How it worked out?

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What makes this site so special?
First of all, we think there;s nothing outstanding here which could make this website special or awesome to use. It’s a regular dating site, poorly made with a bunch of adverts. It has some childish feeling and doesn’t make good first impression. However, there’s one thing which might make this thing special. Since there’s not much member here it has a potential to grow well and be popular in a matter of few months or a year.

Website Design
Website design doesn’t have any professional feeling at all. It’s a big too much cartoon and colors are not matched well. It has some adverts too. Even sign up button is not that clearly visible. What do we see at first glance is a picture of 2 cats which has nothing to do with BBW. It feels like this website had been made in a couple of days or with a very low budget.
However, BBW Plaza is available in 3 languages and for sure this is a good thing.

Talking about features here we are not that disappointed as for all website design. Some decent features like rating pictures are good to meet someone who might be interesting. There're not that many features here, basically, all the most basic things which you might find on other dating websites. It doesn’t have many users as well. In our opinion, this site shall be for free but unfortunately it’s not

As we already said BBW Plaza is free to register, however, it does have limitations which are unlocked for paid members. In our view this is a bad joke since this website is not popular at all, doesn’t have anything outstanding, has lots of adverts and rather a poor feeling.
When it comes to prices, 1 month cost $19.95, for 6 months you need to pay $59.95 and $79.95 for a year.

There’s no mobile application related to BBW Plaza.

The registration process is easy however takes a while to be completed. Not only you need to fill out basic information like email address and nickname but pick up more details. What we do not like here is the fact to give your full real name along with family name. There’s no chance to be anonymous here.

Safety and Privacy
We feel like safety and privacy are not that great either. There’s no profile verification, however as it said, there’s a photo verification. Sadly we had to wait over 24 hours to make our picture approved. Is it because it wasn’t good or is it because there’s nobody out there who can approve picture immediately?

Customer Service
Customer service is available only via automatically filling up form. We are not surprised about this at all since all in this entire website do not satisfy us.

Final Verdict
BBW Plaza could be a great dating web for plus size people if it had a little bit of improvement. We do see a potential here, however, this is not a time for this service yet. There’s bunch of better and higher quality love services out there. If you still feel like spending 20 $ minimum on membership here, you are free to go.