Cuddly Dating is a BBW website with a quite cute name. Maybe the main purpose of choosing such name for a dating service is a fact that cuddles are associated with something chubby and lovely, such as plus size ladies. It seems like being obese is not the end of the world, since many services offer to date and finding a potential partner for (almost) free.

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What makes this site so special?
It’s hard to say what makes this site so special at first glance. It looks like a usual and normal dating site, however, for sure there are some secret gems hidden. Maybe the fact that this site is not popular yet make it special?

Website Design
Website design seems to be simple and didn’t take a long time to make. But what is good here is many buttons to click on, in order to discover some more information about Cuddly Dating itself. Who doesn’t like to make a quick research before even joining the page?
Sign up button is visible in the center or main page.

Cuddly Dating is not only a dating website but a community page with blogs as well. You can add posts/ comment and meet great plus size singles at the same time. It’s more like dating site with a Facebook feeling in it. There are only basic tools like communication and searching but w think this is enough for this site. It’s not a professional matchmaking web and we assumed never will be. But it does have some good vibrations.

The site doesn’t give any information about membership prices before we log in and have a verified profile. As we failed in having a sneak peak into this service, we can’t provide an information about current membership prices, however, we are sure they are some.

There’s no information given about mobile application related to Cuddly Dating web.

Sign up process is easy as in the other dating websites. Even someone who is not familiar with services like this, would not have a problem to register. In order to make an account on Cuddly Dating, you need to give a valid email address and fill up very basic information. It might take up tot few hours to be approved. In our case, we waiting like 48 hours and didn’t get approved.

Safety and Privacy
It seems like Cuddly Dating cares about safety and privacy a lot. We did have an issue with profile verification and all in all we didn’t be accepted without any reason. It seems like it’s kind of roulette to be accepted or not. From one hand it’s a good feature. From another one, Cuddly Dating does not let “random” users join in.

Customer Service
Talking about customer service there’s not much to say. There’s a semi-automatic email form to fill up in order to get your request. You can find answers on FAQ as well.

Final Verdict
All in all Cuddly Dating could be a great site if there are not that many restrictions coming out from there. We left this website with no deeper idea about, because we didn’t let to get into. Seems like, if you are a really big fan of BBW you can try out this site yourself.