#3 Feabie

Feabie.com homepage

Did you ever hear of Feeders? If yes, then this review might be interesting for you. If not, we do recommend first get acquainted with this word. Feabie is not a typical dating site as a BBW Cupid or Large Friends. It’s something new and basically, something which might be a taboo as well. Definitely, Feabie developers had a great idea for creating this web. However, this is not for all. It has a very deep and specific feeling, so if you are looking for ordinary BBW sites, this one is not for you.

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What makes this site so special?
Feabie.com is a website for feeders, admires or fat bodies and basically for all the rest who are willing to be feed and grow bigger. It might sound very crazy at first, but feeders topics are treated in a serious way here. Feabie is a social media community for BBW across the world.

Website Design
Feabie likes to keep is clean and simple. Website design has nothing outstanding here however, it’s free of adverts which are plus. Nice and pleasant graphics presents feaders relationships in a quite cute and acceptable way. Joining button is clearly visible. There’s no searching tool for keeping the site as a little dirty secret.

▪ Features here are well made however they do not have a professional feeling. It’s more like a bunch of useful tools without any deep philosophy inside. Searching and message tools along with video chat help you to find a feader or somebody who like to be feeder and admired at the same time. Feabie is more like a social media page with geo-location and abilities to comment on each other’s pictures. All tools are made to get engaged with other members and the community
▪ Definitely, this is a service only for open-minded people who are not afraid of what others might think about them.

Feabie.com is free of charge service which is a very nice compared to overwhelming BBW sites where you need to pay for membership. There are no costs involved here since it’s not a usual and average dating website.

Feabie.com is available for both Android and iOS device. It’s free for install and use.

The basic registration process is easy and does not require much information. All you need to do is pick up a nickname and valid email address. What is missing here is the ability to register via Facebook.

Safety and Privacy
Service claims that all information was given there are safe and there’s no chance of any leak. No user content (profiles, posts, photos, etc.) is accessible from Internet search engines such as Google. It keeps privacy and being anonymous on the highest level.

Customer Service
Customer service is rather weak and too secret for us. The only thing available is email address but there’s no information given whenever this email is valid 24/7 or who is on this website. It’s all because of keeping privacy, however, thing as customer service shall be clearly visible in our point of view.

Final Verdict
Feabie is the unusual site for all BBW and fat admirers who are willing to be fed or find someone to feed. If you are not feeder fan or do not want to gain weight more, better don’t join this web and try to find another way out in order to meet a potential partner.