Online dating is best and most effective way of dating and finding a partner for potential marriage or just having kids or one night stand. Due to well-advanced technology in a matter of few clicks, you can enter a virtual world full off singles who are ready to mingle. However, despite many targeted dating niches still, some of the singles have quite huge problems in finding happiness over the Internet. One of the reason might be being overweight. Plus size singles have even more hardship than singles with STDs. Why it’s like this? Why dating sites are not that easy in use for plus size singles? Let’s check it out.

First of all, let's focus on website design and general layout graphics on any kind of dating services. Most of them present skinny and great looking ladies, couples and guys. For someone who is obese and have a glance on such service, it might be depressing. Such person will never be slim, and might have a feeling that this particular dating site (as long as it's not BBW related page) is not for him/her.

Next matter is a case while creating a profile. While making an account there’s a bunch of information you need to give back along with your physics like body shape, eyes color and hair color. There’s nothing wrong with describing body shape if it’s done in a great and delicate way. Unfortunately some (even premium and top rated) serviced screw up this case using vulgar and too direct words to describe obesity on the profile.

Thirdly, BBWs are afraid to post the real pictures of themselves and their body shape. Why it’s like this? The reason is simple. They don’t like to be judged and let people make jokes about them. For sure some of the people who are on dating sites are there just for fun and making a hot fuss out of nothing. Those internet trolls are great in choosing fat singles as a matter of joke.

Next, the meeting. Fat people are very afraid of having an offline date with somebody who they just met on the Internet. Why? Because of self-acceptation and other’s opinion about their body shape. Even though they upload a bunch of pictures showing off all the curves here and there, they are still afraid of not being accepted and joked around.

Another case might be the situation when a fatty girl is chatting with a guy who doesn’t see any fat curves in her. Indeed he thinks she is quite attractive and asking for more, let’s say a bit more naked pictures in underwear. In most of the cases, BBW agrees on this and send the pictures because they would like to feel sexy and attractive. As soon as guy receive the pics, communication stops. For sure such situations are not easy to handle and might lead to depression and less self-acceptation. Obviously, after few fails like this, nobody likes to be on the dating service anymore.

Last but not least, let’s talk about matchmaking tools. Premium and professional dating sites do offer match matching tools to their users. Most of them use some complicated algorithms to find a potential match. Everything sounds cool,right? Well if you are a BBW and had been trying to find a match via such tool, for sure you realized that all your potential matches are just guys who are obese just like you. Does it make sense? Not really, since love does not have size and even very fat people can be happy while dating extremely skinny partner.

Being BBW while looking for love online might be a greatly hard challenge. Not only most of the websites are not acquainted with being obese, but they are kinda racist in this topic. The best solution is to register on BBW related webs and try luck there.