Obesity is a sickness and it can be treated like any other one. The only things needed are self-motivation a bit of good will, more healthy food and regular exercise. Many fat people got a success in losing weight with breathtaking and extraordinary results. Even the chubbiest and a fat person can become slim and healthy one. However, some people (especially ladies) love their obesity, huge body and they are willing to be fed by strangers in order to get some love and compliments. Relationship with feeders (people who feed already overweight ladies) is quite dangerous and even might cause death in extreme cases.

First of all, let’s face the truth and say that feederism is abuse. It’s a not normal behavior in order to hurt someone (the person who is fed) and cause her health problems and even death. In most of the cases, such relationship starts innocently, as an object of interests and sexual desires. Giving a pack of chocolates or going together to the fancy restaurant might not mean anything wrong, however, if you receive chocolate every day and your partner is waiting for you to eat them all in front of him, it might be a red flag alert. What’s fascinating, most of the people who are getting into a relationship with feeder are a woman. Why it’s like this? Is it because woman need more love and attention and she cannot endure being alone? It might be the reasons. We suppose that all BBW girls need some extra love and acceptation and feeders are the one who can give it, however, not for free. Feederism is abuse and violence act since girls are forced to eat huge amounts of calories per day, mostly in chocolate, fast foods and any other kind of junk, unhealthy food. When they try to stop this thing or avoid eating, they might be raped or hurt. Feederism is a big problem not only for the body for the soul as well.

At first, they feel acceptable and pretty because a guy is showing affection but later on they might feel scared and abused. This is so wrong and unfortunately, it’s very hard to stop this.

Feederism might be a cause of death as well. The reason is simple. Too big and too overweight body, who has no sports activities, who is eating all day and forcing to take more and more calories all the time, might say “stop” one day. The heart is getting weak day by day while consuming an enormous amount of calories and can stop biting one day all of sudden. Most of the obese girls who had been in a relationship with feeders didn’t make it till 30 years old and day on a heart attack or kidney’s problem.

The main problem of Feederism is that fact that guys who are feeders cannot control themselves. In most of the cases feeders are non-accepted in society, kind of sociopaths who are taking pleasure of seeing their partner getting bigger, weaker and die at the end. Do they have sex with the ladies they are feeding? In most of the cases, no because it’s hardly impossible to have vaginal sex with a too obese lady since she cannot move at all. Another point is, most of the feeders are feeling a bit disgusting at some point to have vaginal sex with an obese partner.

Relationship with a feeder is so wrong, and shouldn’t be accepted at all in society. Guys who are treating their partners like pigs who can eat everything and don’t care about calories and health are kind of sociopaths who are in need of special help. If you will ever be in a relationship with a guy who will force you to eat, better cut this relation as soon as possible for saving your life.