Being obese is a slightly dangerous sickness which happens to many people across the world. Unhealthy lifestyle, lots of stress and junk food, makes a person a perfect example of being fat. This is a common problem as well when it comes to finding love and partner for possible marriage. Overweight people struggle and are most likely to fail in love adventures.

Being a plus size woman is not an easy task, especially when it comes to marriage and relationship. Paradoxically fat ladies do not like to date with fat guys. They prefer slim and sports style man to be their partner. Why it’s like this? What makes them determine to look across young and slim partners? There're a few reasons behind it.

Reason number 1: Desires of being slim. Dating with a fit and sporty guy will determine chubby girl to exercise more. all in all, she would like to look like her partner, and do not get hateful and negative comments from others while dating. It can be a great motivation to lose some weight. From a guy side, it’s a nice trial to check his sports abilities and become her personal fitness trainer.

Reason number 2: They feel accepted. Most of BBW have problems with self-acceptation because of extra kilograms. While dating a skinny and slim guys, they can feel much better, more attractive and more needed. Why it’s like this? The reason is simple. While being in a relationship with someone more attractive, they do believe in themselves more as a person who is valuable and can achieve something good in life.

Reason number 3: Fat girls needs love too. Yes, no matter your size, anyone needs love and need to be loved as well. BBWs are not the exception. They all need a bit of love every day and cuddling before going to bed. They are hopeful that skinny guys can give it to them.

Reason number 4: Skinny guys are more experienced when it comes to relationships. Obviously, slim and sporty guys had been on dates and in relationships many times. It means they are more experienced when it comes to all “Love things” and this might turn on chubby girls as well. Who doesn’t want to have well prepared and experienced lover?

Reason number 5: Dating slim guy makes them look more skinny. Yes, it might sound ridiculous at first but regarding what BBWs think it might be true. Plus size ladies are willing to date skinny guys to looks better and less fat while hanging out with them. We have no idea how it works but it has something do to with a physiological point of view.

Reason number 6: The babies. Last but not least, one of the reasons why BBW are dating skinny guys are possible marriage and pregnancy, or just pregnancy. Fat girls are willing and dreaming about having skinny and beautiful babies, the one who are not going to struggle with being obese. That’s why they are choosing guys with great genes.

It seems like BBWs dating skinny and sporty guys is not a mysterious anymore. Such dating has not only positive sides for their mind but for the body as well since most of them become skinny and healthy after some time. We, actually support all kind of BBW-skinny relationships.